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Ten Tips for Planning your Wedding Catering

One of the most important ingredients of a good wedding is the food. There are no two ways about it; if the food is bad then guests will talk and the last thing you want is your wedding ending up on social media for all the wrong reasons.

Finding the right wedding caterer should be a huge focus when planning your wedding so we’ve put together 10 Top Tips to getting the food perfect.

Research the Venue
If you want to bring in your own wedding caterer but the venue won’t allow it then don’t book that venue! If the venue will allow it, then make sure you know what electrical facilities etc they offer.

First impressions matter
Meet the caterer face-to- face before you decide to use them. After all, they’re pitching for your business so make them sell themselves!

Create an honest budget
There is no use asking for a £150 per head menu when you can only afford a £30 per head. Do your research and discuss openly and honestly with the caterer, a good one can work wonders with a tight budget.

Remember your guests with special diets
Vegetarians, coeliacs etc. all need to be able to eat! Get them to advise when they RSVP if they have any special dietary requirements and give them something they can enjoy on the big day.

Remember to ask for a tasting
It might cost you a little something but give the caterer a test drive before the wedding. It will help you and your chosen supplier know you have the menu 100% perfect.

Opt for seasonal
Just like flowers, go for ingredients in season to keep the costs down and help minimise any logistical nightmares!

Tie in a theme
Having a theme can stamp your individuality on the wedding and make it that extra-special and unique.

Tot up the numbers
Don’t guess and don’t keep changing your mind. This is what your caterer will use to determine the menu.

The finishing touches
Adding the finishing touches to your wedding really makes a difference to the overall feel; they’re what people notice and what they remember.

Sharing is caring
It’s a well-known saying, and one that is particularly relevant at bigger weddings, “sharing is caring”.

Having large platters or a buffet at your wedding is the perfect solution if you’re struggling to think of how to provide a sit down meal for all of your guests.

If you want the taste of the exotic for your wedding then get in touch with Itihaas today! Call now on 0121 212 3383 and get a special menu created just for you and your special day.

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