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The rise of street food

Here at Itihaas, we’re always embracing new food trends and bringing in more of what our customers want – and the rise of street food is no different.

So why is street food becoming so popular?

Street food began in Asia, and has since taken over the globe with its intense flavours and a bigger bite for your buck! What’s so great about street food is that you can try new flavours and unusual food pairings that you might not normally see on a menu.  They’re also particularly popular in the Summer months, with burgers being a top street food favourite.

At Itihaas, we’ve incorporated the UK’s love for street food with our exciting lunchtime menu. With an Indian twist, we’ve put together a menu that features delicious street food favourites. Bombay Burgers and our very own Street Food Thali selection make up – the perfect Summer lunchtime treat.  

Stop by our Indian Restaurant and try some of our Indian street food favourites – you won’t regret it!


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The Rehearsal Dinner

With wedding season well underway, we’re using our wedding expertise to give you some tips on that all important rehearsal dinner.

So, what exactly is a rehearsal dinner? Traditionally in the Western world, the couple and those in their wedding party will meet for a rehearsal the night before the big day. This will involve going through the run-through of the ceremony. Though not everyone follows this tradition, most couples, along with their nearest and dearest, will have a rehearsal dinner the night before their marriage.

Why have a rehearsal dinner? It’s a nice way of putting all the wedding planning behind you and relaxing with your loved ones before the big day. Most couples are also too busy rushing around speaking with everybody and taking photos on their wedding day so don’t get much time to sit and eat – this will ensure you’ve had a good meal, ready to take on the day!

Where? Whether you’ve chosen Itihaas as your Indian wedding caterer, or you just fancy an exquisite Indian feast to celebrate with your loved ones – Itihaas is the choice for you.

Make sure you book in advance!

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