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Itihaas’ favourite street foods

As we have said before, the rise of street food is becoming more and more popular. This year we are bringing our exciting flavours from the streets to Itihaas. From tasty kebabs to Bombay Chilli Chips, the Itihaas lunch menu has never tasted so good. Take a look at our top 3 street food choices this year at Itihaas Indian Restaurant!

1. Our Lamb Sheekh Kebab will have an explosion of flavour with every bite, served with our feisty Bombay Scented Chips.

2. A firm favourite has to be the Pulled Tandoori Chicken Burger with Grated Salad and Red Chilli Mayo Burger, complimented with our signature Bombay Scented Chips.

3. If kebabs or burgers don’t get your mouth watering, our delicious Paneer Tikka Wrap certainly will. Filled with flavour and served with an exquisite lemon & herb salad. Not forgetting our must have Bombay scented chips.

Our street food doesn’t stop there, with have plenty more options to satisfy your tastebuds. Book a table for lunch at Itihaas and eat your heart out with all our different flavours, spices and street food dishes.

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What you need to know about Ramadan

From Tuesday 15th May to Thursday 14th June this year, Ramadan 2018 will be taking place. Ramadan is a 30 day ritual of fasting and abstinence that takes place all over the world.

Why does the dates for Ramadan change each year?

You may be wondering why there are no set dates to be followed for Ramadan but this is because the beginning is determined by the confirmed sighting of the first crescent of the new moon, which changes each year.

Does everyone have to fast?

Not everyone is expected to take part in the fasting of Ramadan, this applies to the elderly, the sick, pregnant women, females who are menstruating, those with mental illnesses and those who are travelling away from home.

When is the eating/drinking period?

The fasting takes place during the daytime, meaning an early morning meal before sunrise, usually around 2:30am – 3am is allowed to be eaten, this is known as the Suhur. Alongside the sun setting, a night time meal is usually eaten around 9pm – 9:30pm. This is known as Iftar which you will be able to commemorate throughout the month of Ramadan at our Indian restaurant. Make the most of eating a deliciously filling Iftar meal at our fine dining establishment and celebrate with us here at Itihaas.

During Ramadan, here at Itihaas we will be able to provide you with the perfect setting and surround you with stunning decor for you to indulge in your daily feast. Enjoy our exquisite Indian menu, filled with delicious aromatic Indian spices, providing you with everything you need for an evening of intense flavours and filling food.

Book your table during the month of Ramadan now and celebrate Iftar with us here at Itihaas Indian Restaurant.

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Itihaas Blogger Event

On April 16th at Itihaas we shook up the cocktails, rallied in the rum and revealed the new A’la Carte Menu at Itihaas to the lovely food bloggers of Brum.

Having set the perfect ambience in our fine dining restaurant, we laid the tables, dimmed the lighting and led our guests to the Maharaja Suite to be surrounded by the combination of contemporary and traditional decor. The bloggers were chatting away, our rose champagne was going down a treat and the tasty canapés began to flow.

Delicious potato patties with chickpeas, yoghurt and pomegranate or salmon and goats cheese samosa canapés were on offer for the arrival of our food lovers, starting the afternoon off the right way.  

Here at Itihaas, we are very proud of our exquisite new menu filled with exciting flavours and spices that will tantalise your tastebuds and leave you wanting more.

We wish we could have given the bloggers a taste of our whole menu…but we couldn’t risk sending anyone into a food coma, so a selection of the house favourites was a happy medium.

Starters: Soft Shell Crab in a pakora batter to begin, followed by a trio of Lamb Tikka, Chargrilled Salmon and complete with the Salmon and Seabass Fishcake.

Mains: Everything we cook at Itihaas is to satisfy our customers, hence why our presentation is an important factor to the completed dish. For the mains we treated the enthusiastic bloggers to our delicious Murgh Biryani, complimented by our traditional Biryani gravy.

The mains didn’t stop there, with Itihaas’ Jaipur Lamb Takka and Goan Lobster Curry to follow.

Dessert: Did we save the best for last? You may be wondering how our bloggers had any space left for dessert, but when we brought out our irresistible Gajar Halwah Cheesecake and the stunning Mango Colada Slice, their sweet tooth was desperate for more.

If you don’t want to take our word on how appetizing our Indian cuisine is, then take it from the lovely food bloggers who all enjoyed an evening of spice, flavour, a hint of sweet and some extraordinary rum tastings.

Head over to our twitter page to check out the food lovers’ reviews and visit us here at Itihaas to discover our new menu…we promise that you won’t be disappointed –  if anything you will be wanting more!

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