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There is always room for dessert!!

there is always room for there is always room for dessert!!dessert!!

This one is for all the people with a sweet tooth out there… Summers being right over our heads, our award winning chefs have created a bespoke dessert menu for all our dessert lovers…

As they say a balanced diet is having a cake in each hand, our chefs at the restaurant have fashioned a Gajar Halwa Cheesecake with a twist of their own…A base of walnut and carrot cake garnished with gajar halwa, pistachio and whipped cream.

Being an Indian fine dine restaurant, where the contemporary meets the traditional, our menu would be incomplete without Saffron and Pistachio Rasmalai… Here our chefs have once more twirled it a bit. It is a dessert in its purest form; fluffy and light sponge cake decorated with crushed pistachios and garnished with pomegranate pearls

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