A feast at sundown with Itihaas this Ramadan

Here at Itihaas, we understand that many of our customers will soon be fasting as part of Ramadan, which is why we would like you to come to join us for an Iftar celebration, available every evening for the month of Ramadan. We know this time is often celebrated as a social gathering, and Itihaas is the perfect setting for families, friends and communities to come together.


To accommodate all who attend, and follow tradition, there will be dates and glasses of rose water for all, including a 3-course set menu, which you can pre-book here so that everything is ready for your arrival. 

Itihaas’ stunning décor will be the perfect setting for you to feast after your daily fast. A 3-course meal full of delicious aromatic Indian spices will await you, providing you with everything you need for an evening of intense flavours and filling food.

Book your table to guarantee availability. We look forward to having you with us at our Iftar celebration!

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