Mother’s Day traditions in India

With Mother’s Day in the UK approaching next month, we’re sharing how the day is celebrated in our native India.

Inheriting the tradition from the US, Mother’s Day in India is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May and is a fairly modern addition to the Indian calendar. As a non-traditional Indian holiday, Mother’s Day is celebrated across the whole of culturally diverse India, unlike other festivals that are only recognised in certain religions. As a foreign festival, it’s remarkable how quickly the day has taken off across India, but then Mothers are respected and loved across the globe, and this special day is a great way of saying thank you.

Mother’s Day in India is celebrated in a variety of ways. Some celebrate in the Westernised way of giving a card and flowers, and in the capital Delhi, Mother’s Day is regarded as a big deal with discounts being offered and special TV segments dedicated to mothers. Schools are also known to put on plays and performances for the mothers of the schoolchildren. Another big Mother’s Day tradition in India is where the children take over the cooking to give the mother a break from the kitchen.

Just like many other countries across the world that celebrate this special day, it’s important to make sure our mothers get the treats they deserve. Mothers are there to guide you through life and tackle any hardships you encounter. They give you eternal love and acceptance, so make sure you say a huge thank you to your mother this Mother’s Day.

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