Recipe of the Month!

Each dish at Itihaas is made with care and consideration, so if we could give every recipe an award, we would. Instead we have decided to recognise the dishes that our award winning chefs love with great feedback from our loyal customers.

The recipe for the month for April is…the XXX Army Rum Lamb Shank Masala, our top Chef’s special – this delicious Indian dish is filled with flavour and will not disappoint.

Taking a meaty, marinated lamb shank and slow cooking it alongside oven roasted tomatoes with sliced onions in a thick savoury Indian Army Rum Masala gravy. Fulfil your taste buds with these sensational flavours, a premium dish served with the finest cut of lamb.

This dish is best accompanied by our appetising selection of assorted breads served in a tokri for those who cannot decide between a Makhan Naan or delectable Amritsari Kulcha. So choose our Roti Ki Tokri and be treated with a range of breads to compliment our XXX Army Rum Lamb Shank Masala, dish of the month.

Come and visit our Indian Restaurant for an exquisite fine dining experience and discover Indian dishes like never before.

Don’t forget to try our XXX Army Rum Lamb Shank Masala and let us know in the comments what you thought to the Itihaas dish of the month!

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