Serving Iftar across Birmingham

As we are reaching the end of Ramadan, it has been a fantastic few weeks celebrating with all of our lovely customers during Itihaas’ Iftar feasts. As the sun sets across Brum around 9:30PM each night, Itihaas has pulled out all of the stops in our fine dining Asian restaurant to fill the people of Birmingham up with exquisite Cuisine.

Breaking the evening fast with dates at the ready and keeping refreshing glasses of rose water flowing throughout the night, we have indulged in a vast amount of delicious dishes from our Lobster Paanch Phoren to Chicken Jungle Curry cooked on the bone, our A’la Carte Menu has been providing the flavour and spice for when the sun goes down across the city.

Iftar is often a time celebrated with families, friends and communities. It is a social gathering you don’t want to miss out on, which is why Itihaas is the perfect setting to come together during these last few days of Ramadan. End your month of fasting in our award winning restaurant and be delighted with cuisine created from our five star chefs. If there is one way to celebrate Iftar, it is the Itihaas way.

Come together in our cultural city of Birmingham, while the sun sets over the canals, sit down in our stunning restaurant for an atmospheric evening with your nearest and dearest…make the most the last few days of Ramadan before we begin the huge celebrations of Eid.

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