The art of food presentation

Here at Itihaas, we strive on creating a dining experience like no other, which is why the art of food presentation is so important to us. Our visual senses are what initially draws us in, which is why patterns, colours and symmetry all play a huge part in attracting us to certain dishes – we know you not only want your food to taste good but look good too. It’s also important that your surroundings match the cuisine – let the décor takes you on a journey, along with the flavours of each dish.

Dining at Itihaas, you will experience intricately prepared dishes, every flavour and spice carefully chosen to bring joy and comfort to your palate. The colours on your plate each represent a taste of India, and our historic artefacts and luxurious décor will transport you there. All of these aspects add to the event of dining out, bringing together great food in a great setting.

Carefully prepared dishes deserve to be presented beautifully, even with your own home cooking. If you’re planning on cooking a loved one a meal, or are hosting a dinner party for friends, we’ve got a few tips on how to show off your food:

  • Use white plates– they help to make your food the focal point so it doesn’t get lost in patterns/bright colours.
  • Placement is key – place your food on the plate in lines or in geometric shapes
  • Have a focal point – usually this is meat or fish, but whatever the focal point, make sure it doesn’t get lost on the plate, but also don’t hide the other elements
  • Colours should complement each other – colours should match the flavours of the dish, but they also help us to identify the overall mood (spiciness, tartness etc.)
  • Always garnish– this increases flavour and adds an extra dimension to the dish


Alternatively, come join us at Itihaas Indian Restaurant to see how we value the art of food presentation.

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