The Rehearsal Dinner

With wedding season well underway, we’re using our wedding expertise to give you some tips on that all important rehearsal dinner.

So, what exactly is a rehearsal dinner? Traditionally in the Western world, the couple and those in their wedding party will meet for a rehearsal the night before the big day. This will involve going through the run-through of the ceremony. Though not everyone follows this tradition, most couples, along with their nearest and dearest, will have a rehearsal dinner the night before their marriage.

Why have a rehearsal dinner? It’s a nice way of putting all the wedding planning behind you and relaxing with your loved ones before the big day. Most couples are also too busy rushing around speaking with everybody and taking photos on their wedding day so don’t get much time to sit and eat – this will ensure you’ve had a good meal, ready to take on the day!

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Make sure you book in advance!

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