What you need to know about Ramadan

From Tuesday 15th May to Thursday 14th June this year, Ramadan 2018 will be taking place. Ramadan is a 30 day ritual of fasting and abstinence that takes place all over the world.

Why does the dates for Ramadan change each year?

You may be wondering why there are no set dates to be followed for Ramadan but this is because the beginning is determined by the confirmed sighting of the first crescent of the new moon, which changes each year.

Does everyone have to fast?

Not everyone is expected to take part in the fasting of Ramadan, this applies to the elderly, the sick, pregnant women, females who are menstruating, those with mental illnesses and those who are travelling away from home.

When is the eating/drinking period?

The fasting takes place during the daytime, meaning an early morning meal before sunrise, usually around 2:30am – 3am is allowed to be eaten, this is known as the Suhur. Alongside the sun setting, a night time meal is usually eaten around 9pm – 9:30pm. This is known as Iftar which you will be able to commemorate throughout the month of Ramadan at our Indian restaurant. Make the most of eating a deliciously filling Iftar meal at our fine dining establishment and celebrate with us here at Itihaas.

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