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How hot do you have your Curry?

Are you a spicy or extra mild lover? However you like your curry, here at Itihaas we can adjust the spice to your needs and keep those tastebuds happy!

However, if you’re a home cook and want to dive into the work of Indian curries, then here at Itihaas restaurant, our head chefs have come up with a few tips on how you can spice up your curry or cool it down.

All things spice –

Heat up any curry by adding in those chillies, whether you like them whole or sliced, they will definitely add a kick to your curry!

The best things come in small packages…especially if you like spice. Opt for the smaller red chillies as these tend to have the hotter bite compared to green chillies.

Daredevil? If you’re feeling adventurous in your culinary skills then mix in the white pith and chilli seeds…these are the hottest parts. Add if you’re brave enough!

Make it mild –

Our go-to curry cooler is yoghurt. Delicious natural yoghurt is perfect to mix in or have as a side dish to your curry, it will keep you cool and soothe a fiery mouth.

Opt for a touch of Raita, a condiment from India that will take the heat down and give your dish the added flavour you are looking for.

If you enjoy the heat just not the afterburn, then try swapping your water for milk. Ditch the beer because it has a habit of emphasising the burning sensations.

Whatever your preferences, here at Itihaas Indian Restaurant, we have enough spices and flavours to have your curry tasting exactly how you like it. Contact us via our website or call 0121 212 3383 to book a table today & enjoy a fine dining Asian experience.

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Serving Iftar across Birmingham

As we are reaching the end of Ramadan, it has been a fantastic few weeks celebrating with all of our lovely customers during Itihaas’ Iftar feasts. As the sun sets across Brum around 9:30PM each night, Itihaas has pulled out all of the stops in our fine dining Asian restaurant to fill the people of Birmingham up with exquisite Cuisine.

Breaking the evening fast with dates at the ready and keeping refreshing glasses of rose water flowing throughout the night, we have indulged in a vast amount of delicious dishes from our Lobster Paanch Phoren to Chicken Jungle Curry cooked on the bone, our A’la Carte Menu has been providing the flavour and spice for when the sun goes down across the city.

Iftar is often a time celebrated with families, friends and communities. It is a social gathering you don’t want to miss out on, which is why Itihaas is the perfect setting to come together during these last few days of Ramadan. End your month of fasting in our award winning restaurant and be delighted with cuisine created from our five star chefs. If there is one way to celebrate Iftar, it is the Itihaas way.

Come together in our cultural city of Birmingham, while the sun sets over the canals, sit down in our stunning restaurant for an atmospheric evening with your nearest and dearest…make the most the last few days of Ramadan before we begin the huge celebrations of Eid.

Book your table today:

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Itihaas’ favourite street foods

As we have said before, the rise of street food is becoming more and more popular. This year we are bringing our exciting flavours from the streets to Itihaas. From tasty kebabs to Bombay Chilli Chips, the Itihaas lunch menu has never tasted so good. Take a look at our top 3 street food choices this year at Itihaas Indian Restaurant!

1. Our Lamb Sheekh Kebab will have an explosion of flavour with every bite, served with our feisty Bombay Scented Chips.

2. A firm favourite has to be the Pulled Tandoori Chicken Burger with Grated Salad and Red Chilli Mayo Burger, complimented with our signature Bombay Scented Chips.

3. If kebabs or burgers don’t get your mouth watering, our delicious Paneer Tikka Wrap certainly will. Filled with flavour and served with an exquisite lemon & herb salad. Not forgetting our must have Bombay scented chips.

Our street food doesn’t stop there, with have plenty more options to satisfy your tastebuds. Book a table for lunch at Itihaas and eat your heart out with all our different flavours, spices and street food dishes.

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What you need to know about Ramadan

From Tuesday 15th May to Thursday 14th June this year, Ramadan 2018 will be taking place. Ramadan is a 30 day ritual of fasting and abstinence that takes place all over the world.

Why does the dates for Ramadan change each year?

You may be wondering why there are no set dates to be followed for Ramadan but this is because the beginning is determined by the confirmed sighting of the first crescent of the new moon, which changes each year.

Does everyone have to fast?

Not everyone is expected to take part in the fasting of Ramadan, this applies to the elderly, the sick, pregnant women, females who are menstruating, those with mental illnesses and those who are travelling away from home.

When is the eating/drinking period?

The fasting takes place during the daytime, meaning an early morning meal before sunrise, usually around 2:30am – 3am is allowed to be eaten, this is known as the Suhur. Alongside the sun setting, a night time meal is usually eaten around 9pm – 9:30pm. This is known as Iftar which you will be able to commemorate throughout the month of Ramadan at our Indian restaurant. Make the most of eating a deliciously filling Iftar meal at our fine dining establishment and celebrate with us here at Itihaas.

During Ramadan, here at Itihaas we will be able to provide you with the perfect setting and surround you with stunning decor for you to indulge in your daily feast. Enjoy our exquisite Indian menu, filled with delicious aromatic Indian spices, providing you with everything you need for an evening of intense flavours and filling food.

Book your table during the month of Ramadan now and celebrate Iftar with us here at Itihaas Indian Restaurant.

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Itihaas Blogger Event

On April 16th at Itihaas we shook up the cocktails, rallied in the rum and revealed the new A’la Carte Menu at Itihaas to the lovely food bloggers of Brum.

Having set the perfect ambience in our fine dining restaurant, we laid the tables, dimmed the lighting and led our guests to the Maharaja Suite to be surrounded by the combination of contemporary and traditional decor. The bloggers were chatting away, our rose champagne was going down a treat and the tasty canapés began to flow.

Delicious potato patties with chickpeas, yoghurt and pomegranate or salmon and goats cheese samosa canapés were on offer for the arrival of our food lovers, starting the afternoon off the right way.  

Here at Itihaas, we are very proud of our exquisite new menu filled with exciting flavours and spices that will tantalise your tastebuds and leave you wanting more.

We wish we could have given the bloggers a taste of our whole menu…but we couldn’t risk sending anyone into a food coma, so a selection of the house favourites was a happy medium.

Starters: Soft Shell Crab in a pakora batter to begin, followed by a trio of Lamb Tikka, Chargrilled Salmon and complete with the Salmon and Seabass Fishcake.

Mains: Everything we cook at Itihaas is to satisfy our customers, hence why our presentation is an important factor to the completed dish. For the mains we treated the enthusiastic bloggers to our delicious Murgh Biryani, complimented by our traditional Biryani gravy.

The mains didn’t stop there, with Itihaas’ Jaipur Lamb Takka and Goan Lobster Curry to follow.

Dessert: Did we save the best for last? You may be wondering how our bloggers had any space left for dessert, but when we brought out our irresistible Gajar Halwah Cheesecake and the stunning Mango Colada Slice, their sweet tooth was desperate for more.

If you don’t want to take our word on how appetizing our Indian cuisine is, then take it from the lovely food bloggers who all enjoyed an evening of spice, flavour, a hint of sweet and some extraordinary rum tastings.

Head over to our twitter page to check out the food lovers’ reviews and visit us here at Itihaas to discover our new menu…we promise that you won’t be disappointed –  if anything you will be wanting more!

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Recipe of the Month!

Each dish at Itihaas is made with care and consideration, so if we could give every recipe an award, we would. Instead we have decided to recognise the dishes that our award winning chefs love with great feedback from our loyal customers.

The recipe for the month for April is…the XXX Army Rum Lamb Shank Masala, our top Chef’s special – this delicious Indian dish is filled with flavour and will not disappoint.

Taking a meaty, marinated lamb shank and slow cooking it alongside oven roasted tomatoes with sliced onions in a thick savoury Indian Army Rum Masala gravy. Fulfil your taste buds with these sensational flavours, a premium dish served with the finest cut of lamb.

This dish is best accompanied by our appetising selection of assorted breads served in a tokri for those who cannot decide between a Makhan Naan or delectable Amritsari Kulcha. So choose our Roti Ki Tokri and be treated with a range of breads to compliment our XXX Army Rum Lamb Shank Masala, dish of the month.

Come and visit our Indian Restaurant for an exquisite fine dining experience and discover Indian dishes like never before.

Don’t forget to try our XXX Army Rum Lamb Shank Masala and let us know in the comments what you thought to the Itihaas dish of the month!

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Vegetarian at Itihaas

At Itihaas, we understand that it is important to cater for everybody’s needs and that is exactly why we are able to create delicious Indian dishes to satisfy your tastebuds, no matter what. 

In our Indian restaurant, we offer a wide range of Vegetarian dishes which are full of flavour, they will be sure to spice up your evening. Opt for our Shai Palak Paneer cooked in a creamed spinach puree, with an onion and tomato lipta infused with spices of ginger and garlic, this Indian dish is filled with delectable flavours that you won’t be able to resist. Why not be daring? Choose the house favourite, our Makhani Paneer – filled with generous sized chunks of Indian cottage cheese, covered in a tangy rich sauce. This selected favourite is recognised as true Maharaja cuisine, as it is complete with cardamom, fresh cream and yoghurt with a subtle hint of chilli to dazzle your tastebuds.

Finish off your evening with a range of our luscious desserts, from our Traditional Gulab Jamun filled with 2 sweet dumplings, lavished in hot sugar syrup and completed with chopped pistachios and cashew nuts. Or will you opt for the dark side with our Burn’t Orange Chocolate Cake exploding with rich chocolate sauce then finished with a slice of tandoori glazed mandarin.

At Itihaas it is our aim to provide you with an award winning dining experience, that is why our hard working team will work effortlessly to cater to your dietary requirements and make your experience at Itihaas, one you won’t forget. 

Book your table at our Birmingham restaurant today and indulge in our exquisite Vegetarian options for you, at Itihaas.

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Itihaas Weddings Announcement

Here at Itihaas, we love nothing more than a wedding to celebrate the love between two people. So, we are absolutely delighted to announce we will be working exclusively with Moor Hall Hotel & Spa, offering the very finest Indian cuisine for Asian weddings, along with our many other specialist wedding services, from mandaps to walima & nikkah stages, to designer evening wedding reception décor.

The Moor Hall Hotel & Spa is a magnificent 4 star country house set in beautiful parkland and is the perfect location for a grand countryside wedding.

Situated close to Birmingham, Moor Hall Hotel & Spa is easily reached within the Midlands, making it the ideal venue for your fairytale wedding just outside of the big city.

With beautifully landscaped grounds that make the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, this stunning venue also provides a unique country house setting for a historical and elegant setting for your celebration.

To find out more about what Itihaas can do to make your Wedding day exceed expectations, visit our website and contact us for more information. Discover all of our stunning venues and exquisite catering options.

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What Mum’s Want This Mother’s Day

We love our mother’s 365 days of the year, but there is always one day which we want to make them feel extra special. Sunday 11th March is the day we will be celebrating everything mum’s at Itihaas for Mother’s day.

So, what does your mother actually want on this special day? Peace and quiet is usually the first thing that springs to mind. However in terms of gifts, we have put together a few ideas –

Cards – Taking the time to write a thoughtful message in a card will mean much more than buying a mug that says “Happy Mother’s Day” – After all, it’s the effort that counts!

Flowers – Not just any arrangement, it’s the little details that make all the difference. Choose the bouquet which is filled with her favourite flowers and top them off with a heartfelt message placed inside.

Let her relax – Pull out all the stops and help around her house, whether it be doing the washing up or hanging a picture frame (which you promised to do 3 months ago). It’s time for mum’s to have the well-deserved break they deserve.

Treat her to a delicious Indian feast at Itihaas Indian Restaurant this Mother’s Day. Here at Itihaas, we have took away a traditional set menu for this occasion and instead are letting the special women in our lives choose whatever they like from our award winning Ala Carte Menu which will be available from 12PM until 10 PM on Sunday 11th March.


We know your love for your Mother comes without limits, so we believe that Mum’s shouldn’t be limited to a set Menu.

Choose from a range of traditional Indian dishes filled with delicious flavours and spices, indulge in however many courses you desire and celebrate Mother’s Day with our exclusive fine-dining experience.

Book your table today and let your Mother enjoy the menu choices that she deserves in our Birmingham Restaurant.

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The New Itihaas Drinks Menu


Out with the old and in with the new at Itihaas. After all it is 2018, we thought it was time to mix up our cocktails, spice our rum and pop the champagne. So, whether you like drinking by the bottle, pint, glass or shot, we have it covered here at Itihaas. Take a look at our favourites from the launch of our refreshed, flavoursome and brand NEW drinks menu

Signature Liquid Gold

Only the best will do for our customers and when it comes to cocktails, nothing can stop us from going all out. Treat yourself to the Russian Standard Vodka shaken with fresh honey and angostura bitters, topped with the finest champagne.

Keep it classic?

Stick with our classic Margarita, filled with premium tequila orange liqueur and blended with fresh lime. Want to stay with a classic but with a hint of something new? Then add your choice of either mango, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry or pineapple for that extra bit of flavour.


Wine time

If you love wine, then you will be in your element here at Itihaas, choose a bottle or glass of your favourite white, rose or red…but you may be stuck for choice with having 30 options. Ask a member of staff for their recommendations.

Whisky for the wise

Looking for an acquired taste? With our range of Whisky from Blended, Single malt or American bourbon we can guarantee it will go down perfectly matched with one of our Classic Indian dishes. Opt for a choice of Monkey shoulder, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniels or many other Whisky’s.


We like to satisfy all of our customers, so we have brought new and improved non-alcoholic cocktails to Itihaas this year and our favourite so far has to be the Bollywood Dreams filled with fresh strawberries and blackberries, muddled together with rose syrup, lengthened with lemonade.

We also have a large range of spirits, bottled beers, ciders, lassies and beverages, you will be spoilt for choice. Come along to Itihaas Indian Restaurant and enjoy one of our many refreshments, some new and some old but all deliciously fresh.

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