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A delectable menu crossing all frontiers of ancient India

Since we first opened our doors, Itihaas has been celebrated as the best Indian restaurant Birmingham has to offer. Our award-winning chefs have all been expertly trained and have an unparalleled knowledge of all Asian sub-continent cuisines, creating delectable menus which pay homage to ancient India.

The professional Itihaas team also cater for Asian weddings in Birmingham and the West Midlands, delivering the same restaurant standard quality and incredible flavours as you would find in-house. Itihaas is regularly voted the best Indian restaurant Birmingham city centre boasts, so if you’re after the rich flavours of an authentic Indian buffet or feast, then we are the top Indian restaurant nearby.

Our chefs are the masters when it comes to the fine balancing act of spicy food, creating dishes designed to impress and delivering a real taste of ancient India. You can choose from our three menus – Saffron, Cardamom and Tamarind – which contain favourites such as masala lamb, butter chicken, paneer jalfrezi and jalsa kofta, alongside a range of rices, chutneys and sweets. We source only the freshest ingredients but we can really make them sing through our vibrant dishes.

Customers come from across Birmingham and miles around to enjoy the traditional Indian buffet food we cook. Our specially crafted menus are what set us apart from other Indian restaurants in Birmingham, using our own tried and tested recipes to recreate the flavours of the Asian sub-continent. No other Indian restaurant Birmingham has to offer can come close, thanks to the experience and knowledge of our master chefs and highly trained front of house staff.

We can proudly say that Itihaas has never had a quiet night since we were established. Loyal customers and visitors to the city have taken Itihaas to their hearts and made us the go-to Indian restaurant in Birmingham.

If you want to celebrate our ancient Indian heritage, then please don’t hesitate to make a reservation for the restaurant or book us to cater for your wedding reception.

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Indian catering for weddings

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days in your life, and Itihaas are here to make the celebrations memorable. We are the premier wedding caterers Birmingham has to offer, providing Asian event catering to happy couples getting married in the West Midlands. Nikha and Mandap ceremonies are regularly performed at our carefully selected and prestigious venues, seeing Itihaas customers are given top priority on their wedding days.

We offer the highest quality Birmingham catering hire services, with lavish five-course reception meals and evening entertainment for you and your guests. Our talented chefs are experts in the cuisines of all countries from the Asian sub-continent, so whether you are looking for an authentic Indian feast, a delicious Pakistani menu or a Sri Lankan banquet, we can cater for your wedding reception.

As the top Asian caterers in Birmingham, we can see you get the wedding reception of your dreams. We work closely with some of the most exclusive wedding venues in Birmingham and the West Midlands, which means our customers enjoy the most memorable and special wedding day. Food is so integral to a successful wedding reception, which is why our professional Birmingham catering team take your wishes so seriously.

We use only the freshest ingredients, working to traditional recipes which are packed with authentic flavours. We can cater to all tastes and dietary requirements, so you can guarantee that all those you invite will have the most enjoyable meal possible. Our five-course banquets are all expertly crafted and designed to impress, which is what makes Itihaas the best Asian event catering company in Birmingham.

We ensure your wedding reception will live long in the memory of you and your invitees. For the best wedding reception possible, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.

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Itihaas Indian events and wedding catering

Itihaas events and wedding catering have evolved incredibly over the last 15 years, originally offering the service in 2005 and achieving a modest 12 events in its first year, the events business has enjoyed a mammoth growth in its operation that now features hundreds of events per annum.  The Ethos for the event planning  and event catering has always been the same, to make the clients day as special and as memorable as possible, it’s a huge responsibility that a bride and groom bestow upon the Itihaas wedding events team, in planning and catering for the special day we do not view it as a job, we see it as an honour and with that mindset we give our undivided attention at every unique request and detail. we understand that each event and wedding menu is as bespoke as the bride and groom that we are catering for and our team of chefs’ constantly strive to create a unique menu with fusion dessert pairings for each event.
Our fine dining restaurant in Birmingham city centre often plays host to bride and groom food tasting sessions where our chefs will help create an individual menu tailored to individual preference. Whilst we Focus our menu predominantly towards North Indian cuisine our talented chef brigade also caters for Gujarati, South Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern/Arabic and most excitingly Indo-Chinese cuisine, which means we really can deliver the fusion that you desire for your special day. Please get in touch if you are.
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Itihaas: pioneering Indian restaurant in Birmingham

Itihaas is the translation of the word “History” in the ancient language of Sanskrit. We have attempted to recreate aspects of Indian culture and history throughout the restaurant décor, environment, service and of course, most importantly, the food.
The 1st floor is modelled on a colonial dining room and the ground floor is reminiscent of Maharaja palace. The private dining area, which seats twelve, pays homage to British Raj library, an area that would have been used for cigars and brandy in a British Imperial palace. 
The food between lunch time and even dining varies in service, style and menu. Lunchtime dining is a tribute to Indian street food with a casual service style and delicious and pioneering, hand and snack options that can be found on the streets of Delhi and Mumbai. The evening menu, features a fine dining option in presentation and also service, this pays tribute to how the kings and queens of the Moghul empire of India would have been served in the royal palaces.
when the Indian Moghul empires were disbanded by  the British raj, the very talented Royal cooks and chefs found themselves unemployed and often without accommodation, that became the catalyst for the revolution of Indian street food as these very talented cooks were creating the finest vibrant and exquisite foods, using ingredients that were previously only enjoyed by royalty and adapting them on the street of Rajasthan north India Punjab and the cross India for the common man. Itihaas menu features those adaptation and fusion street food creations. So please, come and dine with us and let us share our passion for Indian cuisine with you!
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There is always room for dessert!!

there is always room for there is always room for dessert!!dessert!!

This one is for all the people with a sweet tooth out there… Summers being right over our heads, our award winning chefs have created a bespoke dessert menu for all our dessert lovers…

As they say a balanced diet is having a cake in each hand, our chefs at the restaurant have fashioned a Gajar Halwa Cheesecake with a twist of their own…A base of walnut and carrot cake garnished with gajar halwa, pistachio and whipped cream.

Being an Indian fine dine restaurant, where the contemporary meets the traditional, our menu would be incomplete without Saffron and Pistachio Rasmalai… Here our chefs have once more twirled it a bit. It is a dessert in its purest form; fluffy and light sponge cake decorated with crushed pistachios and garnished with pomegranate pearls

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