Basket of Mixed Poppadoms (v) £3.50
Basket of Mixed Poppadoms-served with Minted Yoghurt, Mango Chutney & Pickled Onions


Murgh Tikka with minted chopped salad £12.50
Spiced tender chicken cooked on skewers in traditional clay oven

Soy Shashlik Tikka (v) £12.50
Soya cubes marinated in a Tandoori spice flavours with roasted onions, tomatoes and peppers.

Tandoori Paneer Tikka (v) £11.50
Homemade Indian cheese, marinated with Itihaas’s own ‘garam masala’ (blend of spices) using yoghurt,
ginger, chillies and freshly chopped coriander.

Shikari Champey £15.50
Spring lamb chops charred in its natural flavours ,and delicately spiced and drizzled with a minted yoghurt.


Mirchi Murgh £14.00
Tender baby chicken, tossed in fresh crushed gingerand garlic. Pan fried with fresh green chillies, dressed
with coriander and tomato juliennes.

Chilli Paneer (v) £13.50
Homemade Indian cheese, stir-fried with spring onion, mixed peppers, chilli and garlic tossed together in a
dark soy sauce. Indo-Chinese fusion..

Chilli Garlic Prawns on Crispy Noodles £15.50
Spiced tempura prawns seared in a sweet chilli and soya sauce, served over crispy thin noodles

Vegetable Manchurian on a bed of Crispy Noodles (v) £13.50
Cumin and paprika infused vegetable dumplings seared in a sweet chilli and soya sauce and served over
crispy thin soy sauce. Indo-Chinese fusion..


Salmon & Goat Cheese Samosa £13.50
Goats cheese with lemon scented steamed salmon infused with chopped green chillies and fresh coriander,
enveloped in a light savoury pastry, served with a tomato and mustard seed relish.


spiced potato and chickpeas, onion, tomatoes, sweetened yoghurt and tamarind water.

spiced potato and chickpeas, onion, tomatoes, sweetened yoghurt and tamarind water.



STARTERS TO SHARE (For 2 persons)

Vegetarian Sharing Platter (v) £22.00
Paneer Tikka, Khasta Samosa, Hara bhara kebab Soya Tikka, Pilli Pilli Bhoga

Koila Murgh £22.00
Half chicken (6 pieces) marinated in yoghurt and mixed herb paste seared on the bone over piping hot
charcoal. Served with soy Bombay potato and paprika mayo.

Safari Platter £24.00
Chicken tikka, Spring Lamb Chops, Spiced Cod Tempura, Tandoori Murgh (chicken cooked on the bone), Lamb
and Mint Sheek Kebab


(In Naan or Chapati Served with Gunpowder Fries and Lemon & Herb Salad)

Chicken Tikka Wrap…………………………..£14.50
Paneer Tikka Wrap………………………………. £14.50
Sheekh Kebab Wrap……………………..………. £15.85
Chilli Paneer in Garlic Naan Burrito………….£15.50

Bombay Burgers

Mint Lamb Tikki with Grated Salad and Red Chilli Mayo Burger Served
with Gunpowder Fries…. £14.50

Vegetable Tikki with Grated Salad, Minted Raita and Tamarind Chutney
Burger Served with Gunpowder Fries.…..£14.50

Pulled Tandoori Chicken Burger with Grated Salad and Red Chilli Mayo
Burger Served with Gunpowder Fries.…..£14.50


Laal Mirchi Rogan Josh £16.00
Tender spring lamb cooked in a red hot onion & tomato gravy, spiced with aromatic garam masala &
garnished with freshly chopped coriander.

Palak Gosht £16.50
Fresh spinach and finely chopped broccoli cooked with mustard seeds and curry spiced welsh spring lamb.

Masala Champay £18.00
Juicy lamb chops barbecued in a clay oven drizzled in tantalising chutney made from paprika, lemon and its
own natural juices.

KeemaMatar £16.00
Hand cut lamb mince cooked with green peas in a coarse tomato gravy.

Makhani Murgh (Contains nuts) £16.50
Tender pieces of chicken taken straight from the clay oven and blended into a smoke tomato sauce with
generous helpings of cream and yoghurt, and a hint of dried fenugreek.

Methi Murgh Mirch £16.50
Fresh fenugreek and green chillies cooked with tender chicken

Dhaniya Tahree Murgh £14.50
A Northern Indian household favourite, diced chicken pieces curried in a thin but smooth gravy, cooked on
the spicy side with onions, paprika and coriander..

Goan Prawn curry £18.00
Fresh water prawns cooked in coconut red gravy.
(Contains nuts)


(Vegetarian and Vegan Main Courses)

Tawa Sabzi (Vegan Friendly) £12.00
A melody of freshly chopped seasonal vegetables cooked in a dry curry paste on an iron hot plate

Tadka Dhal (Vegan Friendly) £10.00
Tempered lentils garnished with fresh garlic and brown onions, cooked in a thick soup, a light alternative as
a main course or a side order.

Makhani Paneer £13.50
* Chunks of Indian cottage cheese drowned in a rich tangy sauce. Laced with cardamom, fresh cream and
yoghurt with a subtle hint of chilli recognised as true maharaja cuisine (House favourite). (Contains nuts)

Shai Palak Paneer £13.50
Cubed paneer cooked in a creamed spinach puree in an onions & tomato lipta masala infused with ginger
& garlic.

Makhani Dhal £12.50
Mixed lentils in a creamy rich gravy with ginger garlic and creamed tomatoes. Slightly spiced to tantalise.

Tandoori Soya Tikka Masala £16.50
Soy Tikka marinated in Indian spices, pan fried and served in a deep thick masala gravy.

Dhaba Channa Masala (Vegan Friendly) £12.50
Roasted chickpeas slow cooked in thick Masala gravy with cumin, ground turmeric and fresh coriander,
garnished with pomegranate.

Baingan Bharta (Vegan Friendly) £13.50
Wood roasted aubergines (skinless pulp) cooked with roasted onions, tomatoes and green chillies, all
infused with freshly chopped coriander. in Punjabi households.

Hakka Mock Chicken (Soya) £14.50
• Tofu Soya chunks cooked in a rich dark soya sauce infused with garlic and cracked black pepper,
garnished roasted cashew nuts. (Contains nuts)

(Assorted breads)

Romali Rotti (Handkerchief Thin) £3.00

Makhan Naan (Buttered Naan) £3.00

Lasuni Naan(Garlic Naan) £3.50

Tandoori Roti £2.50
Crispy leavened bread cooked in the base of the tandoor.

Amritsari Kulcha £4.50
Garlic and onion stuffed bread prepared in the clay oven

Laacha Parantha £4.25
Wholemeal leavened bread prepared in the clay oven, multi layered and folded, brushed with ghee
between each layer.

Roti ki Tokri £9.00
A selection of assorted breads for those who are indecisive, served in a tokri (basket).

(Assorted rice dishes)

Sahdey Chawal £3.50
Plain steamed basmati rice.

Jeera Chawel (cumin infused rice) £4.00

Mushroom & Truffle Oil Pilau £5.50

Dum Biryani selection
Using basmati rice, saffron and a unique blend of herbs served with an onion and tomato raita and
traditional Biryani gravy

Vegetable Biryani £14.50
Murgh (chicken) Biryani £16.50
Gosht (lamb) Biryani £18.50
Jingha (prawns) Biryani £21.50

(Side dishes)

Pomegranate Raita £4.00
A thick salted yoghurt made with chopped tomato and pomegranate.onion and tomato.

Punjabi Kuchambar Salad £4.00
Chopped green salad with paprika, red chilli powder and lemon juice.

Mango and Carrot achar £3.25
Mango and Carrot achar (preserves) and pickled red onions.

(Selection of desserts)

Saffron and Pistachio Rasmali (Contains nuts, gluten and dairy) £4.95

Creamed sponge pudding in a rich milk and pistachio base.
Contains nuts.

Gulab Jamun * (Contains nuts, gluten and dairy) £4.00
Two sweet dumplings fried in hot sugar syrup. Garnished with chopped pistachios
Contains nuts

Gajar Halwa Cheese Cake (Contains nuts, gluten and dairy) £6.00
Baked spiced cheesecake on a soft carrot cake base with walnuts, garnised with pistachios and home
made Gajrela. Contains nuts.

Mango Colada Cake £6.00
(Contains nuts, gluten and dairy)
Coconut & pistachio base, topped with a creamy pineapple mousse, finished with coconut flakes,
garnished with a mixed berry compote mango & pineapple glaze.

From Lunch Menu

Chicken tikka wrap
Paneer tikka wrap
Seekh kebab wrap
Chilli paneer burrito
Pulled tandoori chicken burger
Bombay burger (Lamb)
Vegetable burger