A delectable menu crossing all frontiers of ancient India

Since we first opened our doors, Itihaas has been celebrated as the best Indian restaurant Birmingham has to offer. Our award-winning chefs have all been expertly trained and have an unparalleled knowledge of all Asian sub-continent cuisines, creating delectable menus which pay homage to ancient India.

The professional Itihaas team also cater for Asian weddings in Birmingham and the West Midlands, delivering the same restaurant standard quality and incredible flavours as you would find in-house. Itihaas is regularly voted the best Indian restaurant Birmingham city centre boasts, so if you’re after the rich flavours of an authentic Indian buffet or feast, then we are the top Indian restaurant nearby.

Our chefs are the masters when it comes to the fine balancing act of spicy food, creating dishes designed to impress and delivering a real taste of ancient India. You can choose from our three menus – Saffron, Cardamom and Tamarind – which contain favourites such as masala lamb, butter chicken, paneer jalfrezi and jalsa kofta, alongside a range of rices, chutneys and sweets. We source only the freshest ingredients but we can really make them sing through our vibrant dishes.

Customers come from across Birmingham and miles around to enjoy the traditional Indian buffet food we cook. Our specially crafted menus are what set us apart from other Indian restaurants in Birmingham, using our own tried and tested recipes to recreate the flavours of the Asian sub-continent. No other Indian restaurant Birmingham has to offer can come close, thanks to the experience and knowledge of our master chefs and highly trained front of house staff.

We can proudly say that Itihaas has never had a quiet night since we were established. Loyal customers and visitors to the city have taken Itihaas to their hearts and made us the go-to Indian restaurant in Birmingham.

If you want to celebrate our ancient Indian heritage, then please don’t hesitate to make a reservation for the restaurant or book us to cater for your wedding reception.

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