Itihaas: pioneering Indian restaurant in Birmingham

Itihaas is the translation of the word “History” in the ancient language of Sanskrit. We have attempted to recreate aspects of Indian culture and history throughout the restaurant décor, environment, service and of course, most importantly, the food.
The 1st floor is modelled on a colonial dining room and the ground floor is reminiscent of Maharaja palace. The private dining area, which seats twelve, pays homage to British Raj library, an area that would have been used for cigars and brandy in a British Imperial palace. 
The food between lunch time and even dining varies in service, style and menu. Lunchtime dining is a tribute to Indian street food with a casual service style and delicious and pioneering, hand and snack options that can be found on the streets of Delhi and Mumbai. The evening menu, features a fine dining option in presentation and also service, this pays tribute to how the kings and queens of the Moghul empire of India would have been served in the royal palaces.
when the Indian Moghul empires were disbanded by  the British raj, the very talented Royal cooks and chefs found themselves unemployed and often without accommodation, that became the catalyst for the revolution of Indian street food as these very talented cooks were creating the finest vibrant and exquisite foods, using ingredients that were previously only enjoyed by royalty and adapting them on the street of Rajasthan north India Punjab and the cross India for the common man. Itihaas menu features those adaptation and fusion street food creations. So please, come and dine with us and let us share our passion for Indian cuisine with you!
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